5 Crucial Facts That Will Help You Understand Wound Care

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Different physical activities that individuals conduct every day can expose their skin to injuries that eventually turn into wounds. Sometimes the wounds can easily heal alone, making the injured parts turn into the scar that will disappear with time. However, certain health conditions, such as diabetes, can slow down the healing processes of wounds. In that case, the chronic wounds will cause discomfort and also embarrassment, thus lowering the victim’s quality of life. Fortunately, through Bakersfield wound care services, the specialists can help treat your chronic wounds, thus restoring your happy life. The following are crucial facts concerning wound care that you should understand.

Wound Healing Is a Complex Process

Once you get the wounds, the exposed skin part will undergo several stages before healing. Initially, there will be hemostasis which involves blood clotting. Consequently, the wound region will experience redness and inflammation, which causes discomfort. Your body will then develop the new tissue that replaces the damaged tissues. Finally, your wound site will undergo maturation, where the new tissues rearrange to form the scar. In some individuals, these stages may overlay; therefore, you cannot tell which is the initial and the last stage.

Aging Affects the Wound Healing

As individuals grow old, their bodies capacity to heal wounds often reduces. Notably, your skin cell wears out as you age, becoming less effective in facilitating the healing process. In addition, the skin cells in older individuals have a slow division rate, which reduces the skin thickness of skin thus exposing the individuals to injuries. With the retarded wound healing, the old individuals are prone to infection, which gets to their bodies through the wound openings.

Avoid  the Use of Alcohol in Cleaning the Wounds

People have had many misunderstandings when it comes to wound care. One of the misconceptions is the usage of alcohol in washing wounded skin. However, the reality is that using alcohol in cleaning is not a good idea since the alcoholic compounds can cause skin burning, thus worsening the wound condition. Instead, it would help if you cleaned the wound using clean water with a gentle lathering soap.

Environmental Aspects Can Influence the Healing Process

Environmental factors like sun exposure can affect the healing process of the injured skin area. Excessive exposure to sunlight triggers hyperpigmentation causing permanent darkening in the wounded skin. Therefore, protecting the injured skin from direct UV rays would be best.

The Scars Are Treatable

Although many people attest that wounds are treatable, they do not understand whether the resulting scars can be treated. Topical solutions such as medical silicone gel have effectively eliminated the scars for many years of application down the line. Notably, these solutions focus on reducing collagen production on the scarred site, eventually alleviating discoloration while improving the skin texture on the site.

Are you living with a chronic wound? A million individuals with health conditions such as diabetes are prone to chronic wounds which impair different aspects of their lives. If you are one of them, it is time to seek a reliable remedy. Visit the Diabetic Foot and Wound Center, where Dr. Nieto and a team of experienced professionals diagnose the underlying causes of chronic wounds and offer relevant treatment to their patients. Call one of the nearest offices or schedule an online consultation to get started.

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