5 Things to Consider When Selecting Birth Control Methods

How to Choose Birth Control: Effectiveness, Costs, and More

If you are sexually active and do not want to become pregnant, whether dating or married, you should consider Boca Raton birth control. However, going through all of your alternatives might be difficult since there is a lot to consider when choosing a birth control technique, including pills, patches, IUDs, and more, and it helps to be enlightened. Here are five factors to consider when you are deciding:

1.      Effectiveness

Some birth control techniques are more effective than others. Birth control that involves the least amount of work from you is generally the most effective. Sterilization, IUDs, and implants are some examples. When used appropriately and consistently, pills, patches, and condoms can be quite successful. The least successful birth control methods, like withdrawal before ejaculation and fertility monitoring, necessitate self-discipline.

2.      Reversibility

When selecting birth control methods, consider your long-term reproductive objectives. Permanent procedures, like sterilization, are not advisable until your family is complete. If you want to get pregnant soon, consider using birth control that is simple to discontinue and entirely reversible, such as condoms or oral contraceptives. Also, if you are not ready to have children for a long time, an IUD may be a good option.

3.      Side effects

Some contraceptives, particularly those based on hormones, have negative effects. Breast discomfort, bleeding between periods, nausea, cramps, weight gain, depression, hair or skin changes, or headaches are all possible symptoms. Also, other birth control methods may result in heavy periods. When selecting a birth control technique, discuss potential side effects with your practitioner and decide which ones you can live with.

4.      Relationship status

If you have several partners, it is critical to select a barrier birth control technique that prevents conception and protects you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The best approach to protect yourself from HIV and other STDs is to utilize condoms consistently and correctly. Non-barrier treatments like pills, patches, or IUDs are possible if you are in a monogamous relationship with a partner who does not have an STD.

5.      Lifestyle and personality

Birth control must be utilized exactly as directed to be effective. If you are forgetful, birth control you need to remember to take a pill daily may not be the ideal option for you. Also, if you are unsure if you will regularly wear a condom before intercourse, choose a technique that does not create an interruption. These techniques include the pill, IUD, and injection. If you smoke, avoid hormone contraceptives since the combination raises your risk of blood clots and heart problems.

There are several techniques of birth control that are both safe and effective. Consider your lifestyle, health, short- and long-term reproductive objectives, and financial resources before choosing the best birth control methods. Schedule a consultation with a healthcare specialist to review your alternatives. Then, you and your partner may decide on the best birth control method. Call MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists or book your appointment online to determine the ideal birth control techniques for you and your partner.

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