6 Benefits of Zirconia Restorations

The Advantages of Zirconia at a Glance

Zirconia is a ceramic consisting of a crystalline mineral known as zirconium oxide. It is a strong material with non-corrosive properties, making it suitable for dental restorations. Dentists use zirconia to make various dental restorations, including crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Zirconia is widely used in the medical field due to its superior surface smoothness. Zirconia restorations blend well with your natural teeth because they mimic the color of your teeth’ enamel. Your dentist customizes your New York Zirconia restoration to ensure it suits your dental needs and desired goals. There are many benefits of zirconia restorations and below are some.

1. Zirconia restorations are strong and durable

Zirconia is the strongest ceramic material. It is ten times stronger than your natural teeth enamel, making it last longer. To ensure your zirconia lasts long, your specialist must place it correctly. Zirconia is nearly fracture-resistant. The strength of zirconia makes it withstand grinding-teeth and nail-biting pressure more than porcelain-based restorations.

2. They are stain resistance

Zirconia has stain-resistance properties. It can resist stains from coffee, tea, wine, and nicotine. Your specialist may involve some color adjustments during design to promote the effectiveness of the discoloration-resistance characteristic. Adjustments can be made if you have a recent teeth whitening procedure or if the natural color of your teeth changes over time.

3. They preserve the original color of your teeth

When fitting crowns in other restorations, your dentist may have to reduce your natural tooth to fit properly. The dentist may also need to adjust and prepare the teeth neighboring the capped tooth. During zirconia crown placement, your dentist does not reduce much of your natural teeth to ensure they fit perfectly, leaving more of your natural tooth intact.

4. They are biocompatible

Some dental materials contain certain levels of toxicity or allergic propensities. Zirconium exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, making it biocompatible. Most critical parts like pumps, valves, and piping are made of zirconia because of their superior non-corrosive characteristic. Zirconium is the most biocompatible material after gold. Since zirconia is not completely free of an allergic reaction, your doctor may check your allergy history to help develop the best decision.

5. They are aesthetic

Zirconia restorations are aesthetic. Layered zirconia is the best choice. Dentists layer zirconia with porcelain to provide the enamel aesthetics you require in an anterior crown. The aesthetic level depends on your ceramist’s skills and ability to layer porcelain powders. Zirconia restorations are also customizable, so your provider can design them to match the shade of your natural teeth.

6. They are customizable

No zirconia restoration fits perfectly, but chemical position and processing requirements allow them to suit your needs better. Specialists use computer-aided design when making zirconia restorations, leaving little room for error and helping create a precise fit. Highly customized restorations enable your provider to use the minimal time to adjust or cement them.

Zirconia restorations consist of a crystalline mineral called zirconium oxide, which makes them strong and smooth and is ideal for addressing dental issues. These restorations are strong, durable, aesthetic, biocompatible, stain resistant, and customizable. Schedule an appointment at DentAlign NYC for zirconia restorations to improve your dental look.

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