Are Poets Born Or Made?

Harmony Cardenas

Poetry is one of the most beautiful literary artwork that man has ever made. Aside from its rhyme and rhythm, it has also figurative languages and idiomatic expressions. It also portrays sensory images which the writer tries to reveal through his wonderful and colorful words. Because of these characteristics, poetry does not only entertain but also provokes critical and creative thinking among readers.

To better appreciate poetry one must know what poetry is. Poetry is defined in various authors. One of the most notable definitions of poetry is the definition of Aristotle which says that poetry is an imitation of arts. To explain it further, Aristotle explained that there are three different ways of imitation which are the medium, object and the manner of imitation. There are various medium of imitation such as voice, color, rhythmic movement and so on. Another way of imitating is through a specific object. In Aristotle’s point of view, the object of imitation is the man in action and this is either from the lower type or the higher type. In this context Aristotle is referring to the characters in tragedy and comedy whereby in tragedy man is portrayed to be good while in comedy man is portrayed to be bad. The last is the manner of imitation. For Aristotle this is by narrating whereby the narrator takes the second person in which he acts on the shoes of others. Other than that, he can also take the first person in which he doesn’t change himself. Lastly, narrator can also present his actors living the audience. Another known poet is William Wordsworth who “Poetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge; it is the impassioned expression which is in the countenance of all Science.” This only means that poetry manifests knowledge and that poetry reading is worthwhile.

On the other hand, poets are very much admired because of their powerful minds that they can perceive things in a various ways. For instance, they perceive the tree like human beings that prays to its creator with its leaves upward as its arms. In this example, it is very much evident that poets go beyond what an ordinary mind can reach. That is why they are sometimes referred to as the minds of the gods.

Another thing that makes them admirable is their choice of words and that made poetry different from prose. In poetry, the poet must choose the appropriate words in order for him to portray the sensory images that he wants his readers to hear, see, touch, feel and taste. Aside from that, poets should be intelligent enough in the use of figurative languages to convey his intellectual ideas. He can also make use of allusions to convey historical images.

As a matter of fact, there is an argument whether a writer or a poet is born or made. For many people they would argue that writers are born because of their unique ability to weave their words. Unlike other people, they can touch ones life and provoke ones thinking through their powerful words.

On the other viewpoint, some would claim that writers are made. For the reason that in their early childhood, they are not that good in writing and they are not even interested in writing. But as they grow up, they are motivated to write due to some reasons. At first, they are not that effective but as the years passed, they are gradually becoming at ease in writing and more effective as the others do.

From all these views, it can then be concluded that whether or not the writers are born, it is the role of education to bring out that unique potentials within and among our people.

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