Audio Instruction Can Conserve Life!

Harmony Cardenas

We all know the significance of songs instruction. It’s no surprise to any person that having music lessons has been confirmed to enable in a child’s developmental course of action. New music lessons support in the enhancement of speech and reading expertise. Children who research audio will obtain an enhance […]

Towards Knowing, By way of Poetry

In Towards Comprehending, her to start with e book of poetry, Lillian was equipped to share her serious existence journey of escalating up on her own, struggling to endure, breaking the chains of interior conflict and last but not least growing “in the direction of knowledge” of her value and […]

Love Poetry and Its Countless Faces

There are many interpretations and expressions of love. When love appears as an emotion, people experience a strong magnetic force pulling them to their beloved. Most lovers complain that they cannot properly express the way they feel. For lovers who are also poets, however, the situation is different, because poetry […]

Mainstream Radio in the USA

In today’s complex music industry, indie recording artist are getting more attention and respect from other countries than in their own backyard. What is wrong with this picture? The land of the free, the home of the brave; yet, when attempting to accelerate your music career with media exposure in […]

What a Tourist May Do in Abuja?

With its charming settings, impressive scenery and contemporary architectures and gleaming shopping malls, the tourists have lots of reasons to plan a trip to Abuja and book cheap flights to Abuja. The latest Nigerian capital is one of the world’s purpose-built cities which are at average up to the international […]