What a Tourist May Do in Abuja?

Harmony Cardenas

With its charming settings, impressive scenery and contemporary architectures and gleaming shopping malls, the tourists have lots of reasons to plan a trip to Abuja and book cheap flights to Abuja. The latest Nigerian capital is one of the world’s purpose-built cities which are at average up to the international […]

Etymology of ‘Martial Art’

THE Much EAST TRANSLATION The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘martial art’ as: Many sports, which originated mainly in Japan, Korea, and China as kinds of self-defence or assault, such as judo, karate, and kendo. Dictionary.com defines it as: any of the common forms of Oriental self-defence or overcome that utilize actual […]

The Origin and History of Face Painting

Face painting has come a long way since human history began. It is obviously hard to pin point the origin and exactly when face and body painting started, although some claimed that the Native Americans were the ones who initiated this art. Wikipedia, however offers some insights. From ancient times, […]

From This Pier of Mine: The Poetry of Mario Quintana

Poetry clarifies life’s confusing blur with words and music. It is a surprising fact about human nature that we could perceive the existence of an imagined world alongside the real physical world. The real source of human creativity is poetry. Poetry reveals important truths about human life and the world. […]