Music – The Best Forms of Entertainment

One of the best forms of entertainment is music, but it is also the best form of relaxation also. The best way to enjoy your favorite music is in solitude with only yourself for company. Different people prefer different kinds of music and if you are in the company of […]

Sedona Jazz on the Rocks

Imagine a formation of uniquely shaped red rocks positioned on a plateau with the river dashing by and you have just located paradise. Sedona puts its very best foot forward in September when they welcome you to the Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Pageant. 2009’s dates are September 22nd through […]

Review of Krishna – The Man and His Philosophy

Harmony Cardenas

‘Krishna- The Man and His Philosophy’, is the most excellent collection of discourses by Bhagwan Rajneesh and is a treasure to preserve forever. Bhagwan Rajneesh just could not suppress his authority in spiritual deliverance, philosophical verve, scientific application, economic indulgence and political familiarity in this work. Osho Rajneesh existed much […]

What Are Winners, And Losers?

Harmony Cardenas

My boss at Muticon (Constructions) gave me the following to read. It is a short but extraordinary summation what a winner and loser is in life. The WINNER always comes up with a SOLUTION. The LOSER always comes up with a PROBLEM. The WINNER has a PLAN. The LOSER has […]

Music and Politics

Harmony Cardenas

Jerome Camal, French of birth, is assistant to the Washington University of Saint Louis in jazz studies, logic of music and logic of ethnic music. But it is also a saxophonist that is not satisfied with to live of academic searches and he doesn’t want that teacher calls him, but […]