Expert Tips That Will Help You Prevent the Acne Outbreak

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Your skin is the most noticeable body organ when someone glances at you. You will feel well about yourself with a smooth skin texture, boosting your confidence. The skin pores are the ones that moisturize your skin naturally, ensuring that your skin remains healthy. However, dust particles and dead skin cells may clog these openings, which in turn causes the acne outbreak.

While acne may diminish after some time, the increase in severity of these skin conditions can cause emotional distress to the victims, especially when they are in front of their loved ones. Fortunately, the dermatologists from Glen Allen Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center provide the following tips that can help you prevent acne. 

Clean Your Face

You may underrate the power of washing your face regularly, but it does wonders when preventing acne. When you wash your face at least twice daily, you eliminate the extra oil and impurities from your skin which could have blocked the skin pores.

Avoid harsh soaps while cleaning your face since they can trigger irritation. Use warm water since extremely hot water can harm your skin.

Watch Out for Your Makeup

Individuals with a history of acne are prone to the outbreak of this condition after applying certain skin makeup. You should be mindful of the makeup ingredients if you fall into that category. Read the label when buying the makeup and ensure that it is written “noncomedogenic,” implying that it will not trigger acne after use.

Avoid the Excessive Sun Exposure

While it feels good basking outdoors on sunny days, the extreme ultraviolet rays from the sun can undermine your skin health. These rays usually cause skin redness and inflammation, exposing you to acne. Staying indoors during sunny days can help you minimize those risks. Wear protective outfits like a hat and long-sleeved shirts to keep your skin healthy.

Exercise Regularly

Physical activities are key to maintaining skin health, especially in preventing the acne outbreak. Through exercise, you unclog skin pores through sweating, thus reducing the vulnerability of acne. In addition, physical activities stimulate the production of feel-good hormones, which helps to alleviate stress symptoms that could have otherwise triggered acne.

Start with light exercises like walking, and build on your endurance with time.

Stay Hydrated

When you understand the repercussions of dehydration on your skin, you will always keep a bottle of water near you. Notably, dehydration triggers inflammation, preventing your skin from staying plump. Your body will also stimulate the production of more oils blocking the skin pores. Drink the recommended two to three liters of water daily for your body to achieve optimal hydration.

Acne outbreak is the last thing that you may wish to have under the sun. Usually, this skin condition undermines the skin tone, making the victims self-conscious. If you have never experienced this condition, there is much you should do to thank your lucky star. Wash your skin regularly and be mindful of the makeup that you apply to your skin. The strict exercise regime will also help you minimize the acne outbreak risk.

Seek the necessary medical intervention if you experience an acne outbreak despite your preventive measures.

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