Feng Shui and Your Home Recording Studio

Harmony Cardenas

However, a comfortable and efficient work-area is all a part of an effective recording space. With that in mind, let’s go through some of the things you should consider in your Feng Shui home studio.

Correct Monitoring

Home recording Feng Shui dictates that you need to place your reference monitor in an equilateral triangle with yourself acting as the third point. By placing your monitors the same distance from each other as yourself you can more accurately monitor your mixes without compromising the stereo spectrum.

Acoustic Treatment

You need the sound waves in your home recording studio to be balanced and in harmony with your listening experience. By correctly placing acoustic treatment so that you accurately treat your room as effectively as possible is crucial for a good production experience.

  • Place Bass Traps in the corners
  • Try to eliminate 90° angles
  • Try to place absorption panels so that they don’t mirror each other on opposite walls.
  • Place absorbers above your listening position to eliminate reflections off the ceiling.

Everything in its Right Place

There is nothing worse than a cluttered office, and a home recording studio is no better. Having a place for everything is a must for a cozy and comfortable recording space. Make sure you have all the home studio equipment necessary for an easy work space.

Everything Within Easy Reach

If you can model your recording studio so that everything is within easy reach, you’ve accomplished a very efficient work space. Having a midi-keyboard by your desk to formulate your ideas or a guitar within easy reach is a good strategy to keep the ideas flowing without unnecessary pauses.

Make Spaces Work Together

If you need to stand up to play or sing, make the recording space work with the mixing space. It’s annoying to have to run back and forth when you are in the moment.

Make it easy for you to reach your work-station from your recording area. You can buy a dedicated transport controller that can manipulate your work-station at your recording area, or you can just record with enough time to get ready.

Whichever you choose, just make sure you are comfortable recording and aren’t stressed out by constantly switching places.


How much faith you want to put in Feng Shui is up to you, but by making your home recording studio a comfortable, cozy and accessible work space is imperative to getting creative and making some music happen.

You might not need to adhere to any real Feng Shui rules. The quality of your audio is not really dictated by the color of the room or the directions the doors are facing. But having an effective working space is a good priority for efficient productivity.

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