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Li Songsong, a young artist in the 70s, has been in recent a long time investigating the relation among general public photographs and their transposition onto canvas. In the change to painting these photographs, which are predominantly previous photos similar to historic characters and details, he has not protracted the cognitive design and style as for some prior artists’ observe of criticizing, exposing, questioning, or satirizing and propagandizing about a specific historical time period, but has made use of a type of imagery enacting an aim approach. In other text, in the use of the historical impression-materials that fascinated him, Li Songsong has not created any seemingly solved judgment of the historical value, on the contrary it is just from a visible issue of look at that has to be sensed the goal, simple and immediate energy of historical past as shifted or transplanted on to canvas.

This transposition is not only providing us a renewed stage of perspective in pondering historical recollections, but also a single of memories identification inside an historic language context. Here arise the artist of a younger generation approaching the collective and personal memory of heritage, and collectively with it the discrepancy of an artist of a former generation with a different conduct and standpoint. This place at minimum to a higher extent resolved to self-recount its true point out and depth, so for the observer to grasp a far better understanding of the boundary relation involving a general public non-specific and true historic image.
Li Songsong paints big format paintings in oils, and his paintings are centered on the pictures of political incidents in Chinese history. There lie personal intents relatively than political messages, even to lookup and affirm his origin through his very own eyes.



o Born in Beijing, China



o Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Office of Oil Portray, Life and performs in Beijing

His Chosen Exhibitions

1. General public Motion Do the job “Horse” Qinghua College Insitute of Fine Arts, Beijing

2. 99 Gallery, Aschaffenburg, Germany

3. “Li Songsong Functions 2001-2004” CAAW, Beijing

4. “The 3rd National Exhibition of Oil Painting” China Countrywide Museum of Great Arts, Beijing

5. “Still left Hand, Proper Hand: China-German Exhibition of Modern day Artwork” 798 Place Art & Tradition, Beijing

6. “China’s Photographic Portray” China Artwork Seasons Gallery, Beijing

7. “Summertime Display 2004” Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong

8. “A number of Definitions -Imaginary Local community” Tianjin Crystal Metropolis, Tianjin

9. “Democracy Forever” Plumblossums Gallery, New York

10. “Welcome, Welcome: Artwork-Beijing-Contemporary” Base Gallery, Tokyo

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