Hip Hop and Rap Beat Secrets to Get That Major Label Sound – Get Signed With Massive Music Sales

Harmony Cardenas

It’s that time. You have finally decide to make a move on up and make a demo. You should, initially, focus on the product. In the case of today’s music industry, this means concentrating on your beat.

The beat is the very underpinning of every rap tune or hip hop song. There is no getting around it. You have to have unique and professional beats to make you and your music stand out. You need to find a site providing you with professional beats. Consider what you want, then download a series of samples. If you are not sure what you want, download a variety of instrumental beats.

The first question you need to ask yourself concerns your style of vocals. How will the beat sound coupled with your vocals and lyrics? You should base this, partly, on how you hear it. Listen closely and determine whether the music sounds right to your trained ear. You are a professional. You know a good beat when you hear one.

Selecting the right beat also depends upon knowing how your audience will react. By now, you should know what turns an audience. You need to consider your audience and your music before you put it out there.

The demo must reflect your own unique approach and reveal to its listeners why an audience will follow you. It should sound like it is real. It must show producers, managers, talent scouts and any music business personnel at least two things: What you and your music can do and who you and your audience are. If you want to accomplish this, you have to start with the right, hot beats.

Once you have the beats, take your time. Never rush the process. Admittedly, some lyric and beat combinations leap out at you and come at the speed of an adrenaline hit. Most, however, do not. They require time to achieve a cohesive and dynamite form. If you want the beats that are great, you have to download professional beats and mix them with care.

While you can obtain all the hot beats you need from online sources, it is up to you to take them and create your own masterpiece. It will take time and effort on your part. In the long run, with talent, patience and the right hook, you will have the kind of hip hop, rap, R & B or pop tune that will get you noticed. Your rap beats and songs will finally sound like that hip hop and rap superstar you aspire to be!

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