Mp3 Tag Editor (Mac) – Organize iTunes on a Mac OS

If you need to organize iTunes and and your running a Mac OS you need an mp3 tag editor Mac version. Ever since we entered the digital age, downloading music has become to most popular form of purchasing music. Why, wouldn’t it? It is fast, easy, and cheaper than buying CD’s in stores. Unfortunately when downloading music from sketchy sources like peer to peer programs, the music is commonly misspelled. Not only are song spelled wrong, sometimes people don’t really know the name of the song so they pick a couple words from the chorus and make up a name!

Mp3 tags are saved within every song and it consists of information such as song title, album name, genre, release date, and sometimes even lyrics. If uploaders can’t spell correctly chances are the id3 tag information can’t be very reliable either. That is where having an mp3 tag editor for Mac comes in handy! They can automatically organize iTunes with the use of an online music database. It even have the ability to fix songs named “Track 03” and artists labeled “Unknown Artist”. The Mac software is very powerful. Here is a more detailed list of features:

  • Fix Misspelled Song
  • Find and Download Missing Album Artwork
  • Correct or Fill in Missing ID3 Tags
  • Connect Users with Music Videos, Artist Bios, and Merchandise
  • Uses an The Largest Music Database Online

The best part mp3 tag editor (Mac) can do all this for you automatically. That means no typing from your end. Instead of having to look up tons of CD and artist information online and then enter it in your iTunes yourself, all you have to do is select the songs you want fixed, and click a button. With this powerful iTunes plugin you can fix mp3 tags on your Mac in a matter of minutes.

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