Preserving Pangkak, Kangean Island’s native cappella music art

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There are no (consequences) since (Pangkak) is basically our expression of thankfulness following a thriving rice harvest

Abu Jamin, 84, is the 2nd generation jogging a vocal tunes team to protect Pangkak, conventional a cappella new music art  that is indigenous of Angon-Angon Village, Arjasa Sub-district, in Kangean Island, Sumenep, East Java.

Jamin’s functionality group, Pangkak Lambhering, is the only surviving songs group in the village however trustworthy to the conventional a cappella art.

Pangkak is a cappella team general performance by usually 10 to 12 individuals making vocal sounds mimicking the gong, flute, and drum even though standing or, occasionally, dancing.

They usually don white apparel, sarong, and cloth head masking known as udeng while accomplishing Pangkak.

Jamin reported he began learning the art when he was 20. At that time, accomplishing Pangkak art was an attractive substitute for the youth to invest their working day.

Jamin admitted to still acquiring no strategy about the exact origin of the Pangkak name despite his prolonged-spanning job in functionality arts.

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Some reported Pangkak originated from the Madurese word for chopping, which is related to the act of chopping rice stalks to harvest the commodity during the harvest year when Pangkak is most normally performed, in accordance to Jamin.

Even with the changing harvest habit and cycles, some farmers in Angon-Angon Village however celebrate their harvest by contacting for a Pangkak performance, Jamin said.

Mystic origin of Pangkak

Jamin discovered that the origin of Pangkak artwork could be traced to Jinnik Subat, a neighborhood figure simply older than him by 10 several years, who heard a pleasant voice that he described as supernatural whilst meditating in a cave.

As the voice was read repeatedly, Subat termed his good friend, Jama, to enter the cave and pay attention to the mysterious enjoyable voice. This is how Pangkak art was born, he claimed.

“Subat then obtained his pal to imitate the audio (that he) listened to at the cave. Since then, the Pangkak artwork continues to be done every single harvest time,” Jamin famous.

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The artist, identified as Bujamin by his shut relatives, explained that he has no plan about how Subat associated the mysterious voice with the harvest year, as he simply carries on what Subat had done in the past.

He also does not comprehend the lyrics that he sings while carrying out Pangkak and only understands that it is also supernatural in origin.

With his death, Subat took the true secrets of Pangkak art to his grave, he remarked.

Bujamin reported that the artwork is not sacred, even with its alleged supernatural origin, as failure to perform the a cappella just after harvest would not have any adverse repercussions on farmers.

“There are no (effects) due to the fact (Pangkak) is simply our expression of thankfulness following a thriving rice harvest,” the performer stated.

In the earlier, he recounted that Pangkak performers would carry out frantically although completely immersing themselves in Pangkak. Bujamin claimed that they would conduct and dance as nevertheless acquiring entered a trance-like state.

“Even when I was sick, if anyone is inviting me to conduct Pangkak, I would recuperate proper at that time,” Bujamin said even though bursting into laughter.

Because of to its unpredictable nature, no time restrict can be established for a Pangkak overall performance, he remarked, incorporating that they generally carry out the a cappella possibly from morning to afternoon or from afternoon to night.

Jamin said that he and his group customers no for a longer time essential to teach and hone their a cappella expertise, as they imagine the skills have been already ingrained in them. Consequently, any deficiencies that a group member may well expertise in a functionality can be complemented by other members, he included.

Pangkak artwork nowadays

Bujamin claimed that at present, residents experienced begun abandoning the performance art, and his Pangkak Lambhering team now performs only on getting a exclusive invitation from residents or the regional government.

While expressing regret around the lower level of curiosity in a cappella artwork among the users of the youth technology in the village, he nonetheless harbors hopes that a younger guy would tactic him to master Pangkak prior to he passes absent.

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“I hope this art carries on. If any person needs to master (the art), I am prepared to train them whenever, as extensive as I however live,” the 84-year-outdated guy reported.

Bujamin has no particular plan in position to ensure the artwork would be continued by the young generation, as he admitted he could not compel his young children to proceed the artwork sort if they ended up not intrigued in it.

The songs group’s youngest member, Hamidan, aged 55, also explained he had no concept about how to appeal to the youth to proceed to perform a cappella artwork.

In the meantime, Arjasa Sub-district Head Husairi Husen stated that although the Pangkak artwork comprises the sacred variety and the Pangkak Sawah (rice fields) kind executed to celebrate the harvest, Bujamin’s group is the only one that is fully commited to continuing the Pangkak Sawah variety.

He expressed issue over the upcoming of the artwork type, especially as Pangkak needs multiple members to conduct for which various successors are essential in contrast to particular person art performances wherein survival can be ensured when at minimum just one man or woman carries on the art.

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The sub-district head then reaffirmed his commitment to inviting Bujamin and his band to carry out at the sub-district workplace periodically to be certain the art will survive and go on to entertain inhabitants.

With its natural and cultural beauty, Kangean Island in East Java has the opportunity to become a well-liked vacationer attraction in upcoming. Pangkak, the a cappella art kind, could also come to be a cultural factor to make the island far more interesting for tourists checking out the island.

In addition, actions to bring in the youth to research and keep on the frail performance artwork must be conceived, and all events on the island must collaborate to assure that Pangkak can be savored by long run generations.

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