Primary Ingredients of Urdu Poetry

Although Urdu Poetry is a really intricate subject matter that manifests alone in numerous diverse varieties, there are sure primary substances that characterize every Urdu poem. We will now just take a glimpse at how a essential Urdu poem is structured and familiarize ourselves with some of its simple elements.

In Urdu Poetry, a poem commonly can take the kind of a ghazal. A ghazal is a collection of many couplets, referred to as “ashaar”, that adhere to the procedures of “bahar”, “radeef”, “matla”, “maqta”, and “qafiya”. Every single couplet, or “sher” expresses a single thought and can stand by yourself. To fully grasp how the normal Urdu poem is structured, it is important that you comprehend what each and every of these 5 terms refer to.

Bahar. In Urdu Poetry, “bahar” refers to the meter, or length, of a couplet. Each line of a couplet have to have the exact same bahar as the other. In addition, each and every single couplet in a ghazal ought to have the identical bahar. Urdu Poetry uses 19 different kinds of bahar which can be labeled into brief, medium, and extended meters.

Radeef. Radeef in Urdu Poetry refers to the exact term or phrase that is recurring at the end of the second line of every couplet. Preserve in mind that the radeef are always the actual, similar words for each ghazal.

Matla. Matla in Urdu Poetry refers to the first couplet in a ghazal. Both equally traces of a ghazal’s matla must finish in the radeef.

Maqta. Customarily, poets of Urdu Poetry commonly use pen names which are named Takhallus. The takhallus is usually incorporated into the past couplet of the poem as a sort of signature. The previous couplet of a ghazal that has the takhallus is known as the “maqta”.

Qafiya. The “qafiya” refers to the rhyming pattern that is applied just right before the radeef at the close of just about every couplet. The qafiya is needed to the operate of every Urdu poem, even when the other principles are not adhered to.

Now that you know what every single of the 5 conditions refer to, we convert our interest to how they govern an Urdu poem’s structure. Initially, each couplet of a ghazal will have a fully distinctive theme from all the other couplets in the similar ghazal. Next, all the couplets of a ghazal need to have the identical bahar. Each solitary couplet in a ghazal will have to also end in the exact same radeef and use the same qafiya. Every single Urdu poem has a matla but some could not have a maqta.

Like with most regulations, there are also a amount of exceptions:

o There are some ghazals that do not have radeef.

o Sometimes, the ashaar of a ghazal will have the same concept.

o Modern Urdu Poetry is considerably significantly less restrictive with the use of bahar than in the previous.

If you are sensation a minimal confused, know that that is totally ordinary. It is absolutely understandable if you really don’t get it the initial time you examine it. Get a deep breath a attempt to slowly but surely digest the data. It actually is a lot simpler than you think

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