Success Through Mind Power Philosophy

Adopting the philosophy of “Success Through Mind Power” can change your whole life for the better as it has done for numerous people who have adopted it before you. This motivational and inspirational philosophy is about you attaining success in any of life’s endeavours through the use of mind power, a philosophy that has engaged the author for thirty years. Now what exactly is MIND POWER?

The philosophy behind the use of MIND POWER for general success is based on the claim by the experts in this field namely, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists among others, that we humans use only about 10 per cent of our mental faculties. This conclusion was based on separate or independent scientific studies they carried out over some years. You probably have heard about this dismal conclusion before now. Come to think of it, a mere 10 per cent? The implication of this is that whatever your achievements in life might be, you are currently using no more than 10 percent of your mental ability.

These same experts made an exception for the so called geniuses or individuals with outstanding abilities. These geniuses are said to be able to use up to 20 percent, but certainly not more! The question then is what happens to the 80 to 90 percent of the human mind? We are told that it is dormant, idle, unused or untapped. This is indeed a colossal waste! This dormant 80 to 90 per cent of the mental faculty can however be put to full use, though only gradually. This can be achieved through simple daily exercises developed over many years by different experts in the field of psychology. Through this gradual process, you can now begin to use your mind to change undesired conditions in your life at will. Conversely, you will only attract those conditions or results that you desire. In short you can become what you think about, as they say.

The explanation for such a phenomenal occurrence lies in the infinite power of the human mind. Most people either underestimate or are ignorant of the immense power of the mind. The human mind is so powerful that some people have been known to bend metal by sheer thought concentration. You might have heard about the American TV entertainer, Yuri Geller. In addition to bending straight metal, Geller was reported to have mended the wrist watches of all the viewers watching his programme. Takwaendo experts use their bare fists to break solid piles of wood and concrete cement blocks. This too is the result of mental conditioning and practice. It only stands to reason that if hard metal, wood and cement can bow to thought or MIND POWER, ordinary human conditions no matter how tough, can also bow. So why don’t you use the greatest weapon given to man, your mind. How do go you about this? The MIND POWER philosophy described in great detail in the book “Success through Mind Power” will show you step by step how to accomplish this in a most simplified manner.

Author: Michael Obi

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