The Insatiable – The Best Vampire Movie Ever – Charlotte Ayanna Deserved an Oscar Nomination

Harmony Cardenas

I just watched on the Sci-Fi Channel, “The Insatiable” figuring to kill a few hours. I was shocked as this was one of the most underrated movies I’ve ever seen and definitely the best talking Vampire Movie (“Nosferatu” was silent) I’ve seen. In addition, the acting and writing were great. The actress who played the Vampire, Charlotte Ayanna, was incredible and deserved to be nominated for an Oscar but I guess the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doesn’t want anything to do with “B” movies no matter how great they are. I’m neither pro nor anti-vampire, but this film for me was one incredible and underrated movie and one incredible vampire movie. The fact that this was an obviously low budget movie made “The Insatiable” more realistic and gritty.

As I said, what made the movie was the incredible performance by Charlotte Ayanna as well as the great acting jobs by Sean Patrick Flannery and Michael Biehn. The scenes between Charlotte Ayanna and Sean Patrick Flannery were absolutely amazing and you could feel their pain, emotion and frustration. The screenwriter did an excellent job with the dialogue letting the audience get a natural feel for what its like to be a Vampire and what is it like to be someone who wants to save her from herself but doesn’t quite know how.

While there are some funny moments in the movie its not “An American Werewolf in London” type of movie nor is it a “Dracula” mystique kind of movie, either. I definitely recommend watching this movie on DVD and salute everyone involved in making it.

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