Tips on Rock Songwriting

I guess you are here to get tips on rock songwriting. There are certain great ways of creating great songs to resonate well with your listening audience. Writing rock songs as a beginner can be tough. I spent the first two years of songwriting by contributing to the global warming awareness. I threw away several song lyrics in the process, but I certainly gained experience. Here are 3 super tips to help you kick start your songwriting career.

Come up with words and some phrases while playing on your piano or guitar. This is one of the tips on rock songwriting that has really benefitted me. Often times you get a line or some phrase from the subconscious mind that can start a great masterpiece. If you flow with a chord progression and start singing some lines, it will amaze you what you will create. Make sure you have a recorder close by so that you can tape yourself. And you will see the things you are able to do when you play the recording back. This tip is certainly one of my favorite tips on rock songwriting.

Ensure that the first line in your music conveys the whole message of the song to your audience. This is one of the tips on rock songwriting borrowed from John Lennon. Just get any of these songs and listen, “Instant Karma” and “Help”. In these two songs Lennon tells a whole story in just one line. Even though this concept can be difficult, mastering it will get the rest of the lyrics coming easily.

The last of the tips on rock songwriting is to have images of your songs in the form of miniature movies. Let these images be so vivid that your lyrics literally let your audience see pictures of the movie as they listen to your song. You can employ this technique perfectly by writing descriptive similes, metaphors and by adding common sayings to your songs. You can use the common sayings to paint images that your listeners can easily relate with. By jotting down common sayings in your everyday life, you can incorporate them into your rock songs and create lasting memories in your listener’s minds.

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