Velvet Acid Christ – The Artwork of Breaking Apart – New music Review

Harmony Cardenas

A lot of VAC followers are going to or have read this album and thought, what the hell? I did, but give it a opportunity you will explore a wonderful album. What Bryan Erickson has done is blasphemy to some industrial enthusiasts, he has produced an album that functions acoustic devices – incorporating them into a equivalent VAC audio we all know and enjoy. If you are a hardcore synth junkie, participate in it at the time and be stunned and repulsed! Listen to it once again. Even the acoustic hating cyborg at the coronary heart of rabid industrial lovers will come across some thing to cherish within this album. The mix of acoustic and electronic tracks like the tracks in which the two are blended get the job done effectively with out interfering with the circulation of the album.

The Artwork of Breaking Aside opens with a usual VAC dance observe Tripped out right before tentatively introducing the acoustic element in Vaporised. Unquestionably a person of the strongest tracks on the album, Vaporised follows the attempted and accurate structure of VAC’s EBM/industrial tracks that leads to the uncomplicated guitar riff getting to be repetitive. Finally, Vaporised is a forgettable observe. Luckily, Black Rainbows breaks in a superior acoustic monitor. With a seem reminiscent of the Remedy, many more mature listeners may possibly be struck with nostalgia for before times when the scene was extra than just a attractiveness contest.

Phucked Up Preak is a get in touch with back to previously VAC, particularly the track Phucking Preak, with the major inclusion of samples taken from the film “Se7en”. Surprisingly, for me, this just isn’t the highlights of the album. Though Phucking Preak is a good track, the albums title keep track of is my choose. Down temp, succulent acoustic guitar counter pointed by the contacting of its electrified brother, brooding pads, droning eighties influenced bass, melancholic vocals and lyrics brings VACs acoustic direction to a peak.

Nevertheless Erikson suggests, with this album, he isn’t really trying to bridge any gaps inside the scene, effectively that what this album does, it provides in the outdated skool goths and the electro flooring junkies alike. For all those of you who aren’t into industrial or haven’t experienced the probability to give it a go, this album is a good position to start out.

The Artwork Of Breaking Aside simply helps make it into my top albums for 2009.

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