Why Routine STD Testing Is Recommended

The Importance of Regular Routine STD Testing | UrgentMED

Are you sexually active and worried about contracting STDs? This might not be the fanciest topic, but as you strive to lead a healthier life, including STD testing and counseling in your routine is critical. As you consider how often you should go for Kingwood STD testing, factors like your sexual behaviors, age, and existing medical conditions impacting your immunity, among other risks, can help narrow it down. For instance, it is advised to get tested every time you change a sexual partner. An annual chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis test are recommended, but doing it twice or after three months is more practical if you have multiple partners. But why should you go for routine screening? Here are the top reasons that make the routine important.

You may not notice any symptoms

You have probably encountered horror stories of devastating STD symptoms, but did you know you can have and not know? In many cases, STDs do not show apparent symptoms. It is among the top reasons experts prefer to refer to them as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) since you could have it without the disease’s symptoms.

No symptoms means you could have STD without knowing, and the longer it stays untreated and managed, the worse it gets, exposing you to more health risks. Routine testing helps catch it in time when the least demanding treatments are still viable, keeping your reproductive and overall health in better standing.

Avoid problems down the line

STIs like HPV are connected to severe health issues. If left untreated, you are at high risk of anus, penis, vagina, and vulva cancer. Other STDs can also impact your fertility, lead to heart disease and arthritis, and cause debilitating symptoms like pelvic pain that impact your ability to manage daily activities.

You don’t want STDs to kill your dream of conceiving a child or lead to diseases that shorten your life expectancy and impact the quality of your life. Routine testing helps avoid such concerns, making it a critical consideration as you strive to remain healthier and productive for an extended period.

Stay in charge

Routine STD screening is not all about the tests. It is a chance to talk to a professional, ask questions, and stay more in charge of your sexual health. You can learn more about concepts such as responsible sexual behaviors.

For instance, the expert can help you pick a contraceptive method that prevents unwanted pregnancy while lower STD risks. They can also furnish you with practical information to help you pick on those tells that you might have contracted an STD and the prompt steps to avoid complications, including seeking prompt screening and treatment.

STDs can happen to anyone, including those in monogamous relationships practicing safe sexual behaviors. Syphilis and HPV, for instance, can be contracted through non-sexual skin contact. This emphasizes the need for routine screening as you endeavor to minimize the risks and complications of untreated STDs. Contact Supreme All Care today to learn more about STD testing or to schedule routine visits.

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