Why You Should Take a Safari in Uganda

Uganda is a small, land-locked country in Eastern Africa. It borders Kenya, Sudan, DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania and is home to one of the most diverse landscapes in all of Africa. Within Uganda’s borders lie lush mountains, vast lakes and dry grasslands that teem with all sorts of wildlife, […]

Balinese Mask – Spiritual Force Behind

Harmony Cardenas

Introduction Bali is an island, which all over the ages has been influenced by numerous other cultures. While Bali’s spiritual root stems from animism and ancestral worship, Hindu mythology and Buddhism have been big influences. Even so, irrespective of what they had been training, one variable has always remained continuous: […]

The Entertainment Value of Good Movies

Harmony Cardenas

As many regional language and Hollywood film makers keep coming up with new releases, and those who wish to watch new movies easily get their selection information either through television advertisements or through internet websites, which promote advertisements in the form of trailers. This method of choosing movies is very […]

Human Goodness by Yi-Fu Tuan

Harmony Cardenas

I acknowledge I do not study much too several guides on philosophy, but Human Goodness is additional than a philosophy e-book. It is beneficial and uplifting, and it presents functional assurances of goodness in persons in contrast to dry, humorless beliefs and theories. In the preface, the writer offers a […]