Cool Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarius people have a vast selection of cool Aquarius tattoo design. They are very imaginative in nature, not only that they have a keen sense of creativity and innovation. This makes the selection of their tattoo design unique compared with other zodiacs. 1. The TradeMark Water carrier has been known […]

Small Cross Tattoos

So you’ve decided on your choice of a tattoo, you settled on women’s small cross tattoos but where do you go from that choice? There are mainly two different categories of cross tattoos. These two categories are Christian Inspired and Popular Non-Christian small cross tattoos. There are over twenty different […]

Koi Fish and Lion Tattoos

Harmony Cardenas

Koi Fish Tattoos – A sneak peek So you have made an all important decision of getting a tattoo done on you. Once you have made this decision the next step is to decide on the design of tattoo that you want to get made. The range and variety of […]

Fake Tattoos – Are They for Posers?

Harmony Cardenas

In the past, fake tattoos were only for kids. However, that never stopped adults from wearing them back then. Unfortunately, they did it at the risk of being called “posers”. If you wore a custom designed temporary tattoo in the past, it sent out the message that you didn’t have […]

Black Henna Tattoos

Harmony Cardenas

First henna is never black. It is a plant that is native to tropical regions of Africa, Southern Asia ad Australasia, and its leaves produce a dye called lawsone, which is a red-orange colour, which bonds well to proteins and therefore is used to dye skin, hair, fingernails and silk. […]

What is Contemporary Tattooing?

Harmony Cardenas

In modern times, the art of tattooing has become largely youth-driven, dominated by young tattooists with training in fine art and culture. Their clients are similarly young and often adorned with bold loud designs on their arms, hands, legs, and bodies as well as multiple piercing. Contemporary tattooing first came […]