3 Side Effects When You Quit Smoking

Harmony Cardenas

When people try to stop this dirty bad habit, which is smoking, there is always a corresponding negative and positive effect out of it. This article will tackle more on the negative side effects, which is really manifested from the people who already stopped smoking.

When you talk about the side effects, we always go back to on how you ever wanted and learned to like smoking? It is important to know these things to be able to know what will be your side effects in the future upon ending the habit and be able to know how to deal with it. But you see, these are just side effects after quitting smoking. The side effects of quitting smoking will only last a short space of time, if you get a disease from smoking this is going to last for the rest of your life and it will ruin and destroy you forever.

These effects are what you call nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These are the effects a person who have quit smoking may experience days afterwards. Here are the 3 side effects when you quit smoking:

1. Mild depression and sadness

Cigarette smoking was your best friend. Whenever you are sad and depressed, you always smoke and tried to get rid and overcome the sadness and depression you felt. This is due to the nicotine content from the cigarette when your body is filled up with it, it has effects on decreasing your sadness and get hyperactive. So once you quit smoking, mild depression and sadness can become one of the side effects in quitting smoking.

2. Anxiety

You might get anxious when you can no longer have cigarettes to ease your jitteriness. You always have this with you, you smoke when you ever feel tensed. But after quitting smoking, this may be a rebound effect; you get anxious because you don’t have something to turn to – smoking.

3. Anger or being short-tempered

After you quit smoking, you tend to be short-tempered and become easily angry with any situations. This is the usual effect after quitting smoking. Because your body tends to adjust with the changes you’ve made and that it can be very stressful on your part.

Quitting smoking is never an easy thing to do because you get to experience some side effects that your body may don’t want to experience.

Whatever your decision, you must always consider the risks. Start smoking or even stop smoking, you have to enjoy it and you have to do it wholeheartedly. Flameless lighter gives you comfort in smoking, besides being easy to carry and elegant, this lighter does not need any ingredients, because it is an efficient way of charging by means of a USB charge. if you make a decision to smoke, then be an elegant smoker.

But these effects as I have mentioned earlier, are only manifested through a given span of time, it doesn’t take you a life time to experience all those effects. Unlike if you never quit smoking, you’ll suffer from all those diseases in your whole life time. Just think.

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