7 Home Remedies for Sinus Headaches 

7 Natural Home Remedies for Sinus Infection and Pain

A sinus headache is due to a hollow cavity between the nose and bones. You can feel the deep pain in the forehead and the face. There is huge pressure in the face, and therefore, there seems to be severe pain around the eyes, cheeks and in front of the head. 

Sinuses need to drain out; if they cannot, you may experience inflammation and severe pain. There are people in Houston who have complained about sinus problems; therefore, there are various ear, nose & throat doctor Houston, TX who provide specific treatment for sinus issues. 

7 Home Remedies to Cure Sinus

  1. Steam: Steam is a remedy that adds moisture to the dry air in your nose. You can feel severe pain in your forehead if there is dry air and dry sinus. Therefore, to find a simple solution to this sinus, you can move to take some steam. It will add moisture to the sinus passage and help you lose the mucus that has thickened over time. 
  1. Good Night Sleep: A good night’s sleep can heal your body by stimulating your brain to release the hormones that can increase tissue growth. When you sleep properly, your body produces more white blood cells that will help you attack any virus and bacteria. 
  1. Saline Spray: Spray will help you open the nasal passages and relieve the sinus. The spray will help to remove the allergens and mucus from the tiny hair in the nostrils. If you cannot take steam, spray would be the best option. 
  1. Drink Water: Drinking lots of water will help you stay hydrated and your sinus. Additionally, it will also thin the mucus to improve your headache. You can also drink some juices. However, you should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks as it will dehydrate your body. 
  1. Don’t put much pressure on the Head: Putting extra pressure on the headband, clips, and hats will pull the nerves, worsening the headache. Therefore, you must release the pressure and choose to keep your hair loose. 
  1. Massage your head: You should massage your head with your index finger and thumb. It will help you relieve the tightened muscles. When you massage it in a circular motion, it will ensure a loosening of muscles and improve blood flow. 
  1. Elevated Head: Keeping the head elevated with some pillows will help your sinus release pressure; therefore, it is important to keep some extra pillows. 

Once you develop any sinus symptoms, you can follow these tips to keep your sinus at bay. But, if you are still developing pain, you must consult doctors for experienced advice. 

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