April Is National Poetry Month: 8 Reasons to Write, Share and Celebrate

Harmony Cardenas

Do you have a favorite poem or poet that rises above all others? How do you commemorate your favorite poem or poet? Since 1996, National Poetry Month has been celebrated during the month of April. The concept behind this national literary observance is to focus and promote poetry, honor poets from the past, empower poetic voices of today and to promote our next generation of poets.

The art of poetry is a blend of visual appreciation or spiritual saturation, coupled with emotional stimulation. Poetry affects people differently. Even if a writer has physical limitations and impairments, they are still able to create amazing expressions of poetry using their operating faculties. Helen Keller is an example of such mind-blowing creativity. Creating a poem is an oral and written dance with emotions, connecting to conversations from the heart.

Here are 8 reasons to write, especially during National Poetry Month:

1. It gives you the opportunity to tap into your creative nature.
2. Learn about different styles of poetry, and then challenge yourself to write something in a style that may force you to step out of your comfort zone.
3. Apply the principles of diversified metrical patterns of poetry to submit your best compositions to different journals and other publishing markets.
4. Share written compositions with other writers and poets on various forums, writer’s clubs or in different networks to get feedback for your poetry.
5. Express feelings stemming from human experiences, the environment or advocacy for a cause that like-minded individuals can relate to.
6. Use this time to write and compile a collection that you could easily turn into a chapbook or full length volume of poetry.
7. Promote reading communities and then become a mentor to introduce the technique of writing poetry to those you want to introduce this medium to.
8. Poetry will help you to step outside of your writing inhibitions and explore a new world of unlimited writing possibilities.

When you have a passion for the art of poetry, you will read copiously, while writing intently. Portray your passion through the heartbeat of your language. Allow your voice to be heard and celebrated. The complexity and aesthetics of poetic tradition should not deter you from expressing your unique voice in a lyrical revival. National Poetry Month is a time to celebrate your favorite poets and poetry, but even more importantly, it is a time to celebrate the beauty of you!

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