Behind the Art: Why is ‘Weeping Woman’ by Picasso considered an icon of Cubism Movement?

Harmony Cardenas

As I was surveying the walls of Tate Modern day in London a couple of a long time back, I was mindlessly attempting to master as substantially as I could about the endless paintings hanging in the space around me. I distinctly don’t forget the 1st time I laid my eyes on the Weeping Lady by Pablo Picasso — an oil painting on canvas measuring 61 x 50 cm. I was hypnotised by the potent impression of a grief-stricken lady in the portray. The impression of her weeping is so robust, you can feel her soreness emanating from the painting. Picasso created this masterpiece to symbolize the grief and devastation brought about by the Spanish Civil War which started in 1936. The portray is based on an image of a girl holding her lifeless youngster — taken from Picasso’s anti-war mural Guernica. But the story driving this artwork is not so uncomplicated. Just like every art piece, it has layers of tales concealed driving each and every brushstroke.

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Picasso’s protest versus War

During the Spanish Civil War, Adolf Hitler experienced purchased the German air drive to bomb the Basque city on behalf of Normal Franco. Picasso was questioned to make a mural for the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris Intercontinental Exhibition when the bombing transpired. He was so stunned by the information that he made the decision to protest from the bombing of Guernica. He instructed the Springfield Republican on July 18, 1937: “In the panel on which I am operating, which I shall call Guernica, and in all my current performs of artwork, I obviously express my abhorrence of the armed forces caste which has sunk Spain in an ocean of ache and death”.

Picasso’s obsession with the Weeping Woman

It is known that between June 8 and July 6 1937, Picasso made a dozen drawings and four oil paintings demonstrating the Weeping Woman. I was fortunate adequate to see one particular of the variations. There are a overall of 36 works depicting the Weeping Female that have been identified so significantly. But, what bought Picasso so obsessed with the graphic?

Though doing work on Guernica, he commenced generating his initially scientific studies of a Weeping Female. He, nonetheless, did not contain it in Guernica, since he needed to initially showcase the shock and horror of the destruction caused by war. He preferred to show the Weeping Woman as a symbol of mourning and grief in the aftermath of any war. Historians and art critics considered the Weeping Lady was a metaphor for his non-public agonies. The fact about the female in the painting was before long discovered by Picasso himself.

painting, artworks, painting by Pablo Picasso, Picasso paintings, Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso, Spanish Civil War, Weeping Woman painting, oil painting, about Weeping Woman painting, indian express news The experience of the girl is relevant to the figures demonstrated in Guernica but it is really evident that it is the confront of Picasso’s lover Dora Maar. (Photograph: Instagram/@captaindadada)

The ‘tortured’ Muse Dora Maar

“For me, she’s (Dora Maar) the weeping woman. For many years I’ve painted her in tortured sorts, not via sadism, and not with satisfaction, either just obeying a vision that pressured alone on me. It was the deep fact, not the superficial one… Dora, for me, was constantly a weeping woman…And it’s essential, mainly because gals are struggling devices.” — Picasso

This is an infamous quotation by Picasso about his mistress Dora Maar, which showcased the actuality of how he noticed girls. It is effectively regarded that he utilised his women as an inspiration for his artwork. Dora Maar, a French photographer and painter, was nevertheless one more muse of the master of Cubism. She turned known as the Weeping Girl soon after people arrived to know that she was in an abusive romantic relationship with Picasso and he frequently painted her in tortured types.


When I initially established my eyes on the portray, I could come to feel the ache in the woman’s eyes. If you search at the tears and her tortured expression, you sense like hugging the woman or sitting down with her and weeping. I, like several viewers in Tate Modern-day, was oblivious to the harsh truth of the matter about Dora Maar’s serious-life tale.

Picasso’s mastery of composition

Even when a person is not oblivious to the background of the tale, it is not tough to recognize the composition and elegance of the portray. Picasso made use of shiny colors and bold strains to paint a woman by working with sophisticated angular designs and planes. He has not utilized any colour connected with sorrow, while the sorrow is obvious in the eyes of the girl. Her encounter is related to the figures demonstrated in Guernica, but it is apparent that it is the facial area of Picasso’s lover Dora Maar. The centre of the painting has a mash of hands, mouth, handkerchief, enamel and tears — all seamlessly mixing into a single. The eyes have been drawn in a baby-like fashion that aids boost the grief. Picasso applied Cubism in an efficient way to portray these kinds of potent emotions in the portray. The Weeping Female is a single of the most famous portraits by Picasso, executed in the design of analytical Cubism, but with better realism than regular.

To emphasise the two-dimensional character of the do the job, the artist does not attempt to create ‘depth’ in the portray by the use of linear point of view or any form of modelling/shading like chiaroscuro. The color scheme stays one thing of a thriller. Picasso routinely used a monochrome or even a grisaille palette when evoking pain and struggling. The palette used in the Weeping Female incorporates all the important colors, such as purple, yellow, blue, as effectively as orange, eco-friendly and brown. Was he making an attempt to imbue the woman with powerful feelings, or with a vivid perception of lifetime? 

At the close of my take a look at to the Tate Fashionable, I made confident to obtain a postcard of the portray from the reward shop. Its impact was so immense that I preferred to consider a piece with me household. Irrespective of whether one particular likes to study the Cubism motion or simply would like to love a piece of artwork, the Weeping Woman will generally stay a compelling artwork in the globe of modern-day art. 

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