Cherry Blossoms, Rose, Lotus Tattoos and More – Beautiful and Classic Flower Tattoo Design

Harmony Cardenas

Flower tattoos are classic and never go out of style. It started way back with a rose tat which was a favorite among bikers in the ’60s. When more complicated shading of tattoos were introduced, other floral styles follow – the Hawaiian flowers like hibisus, orchid and plumeria and of course, the Japanese sakura or cherry blossoms. The very meaningful lily and lotus also became favorites not only because of their beauty but also because of the deep symbolism attached to them.

Flowers have always been a favorite among tat enthusiasts especial with the females because of their naturally exquisite beauty and the meaningful representation attached to them. When it comes to preferred tat locations for floral designs, anything goes as you see them everywhere. Lately, the rib cage have been becoming a trendy and sexy location for flower images. Perhaps, the cherry blossoms is the most popular one you can see on the rib cage;some have focused on the beauty of the sakura itself while others chose to have it tattooed as a cherry blossom tree.

Hawaiian flower tattoos like orchids, hibiscus and plumeria are considered exotic and has a tropical flair to them. Usually, people who get this floral tat are those who want to be reminded of their polynesian heritage;others just happened to have a memorial moment spent on the beautiful island and want to commemorate it through ink. And this theme is another versatile and flexible tat image as they look good anywhere;you can see them on women’s shoulder blade, foot, side rib, ankle and lower back.

Lotus and lily tattoos are known for the deep symbolical meaning they represent that is why, they are favored by men and women when it comes to floral designs. Lotus is look upon as an emblem for awakening to the spiritual reality of life. It signifies resurrection and struggle in life in general in reference to it starting out from the mud and then rising to becoming a ravishing blossom. The lily, on the other hand symbolizes purity and innocence. When it comes to locations, their artistic appeal as a tat design are best portrayed when tattooed on bigger areas of the body such as the shoulder blade, rib cage, back, lower stomach and arm.

The rose tattoo is the most classic and original of all floral tat theme. It started as a red rose with the word “mom” which is considered a vintage and old school tattoo. Nowadays, you can see roses in all forms and colors and the meaning varies depending on how they are executed on the body. Like the other floral designs, rose are very adaptable and look visually stunning regardless of where they are inked. You can see a small rose bud on a girl’s foot, or maybe something with tribal lines on the lower back or a bracelet style around the ankle.

Flower tattoos with their aesthetic appeal, undeniable flexibility and meaningful characteristics are definitely a tattoo theme that will never fade; they will always be top choices for more years to come.

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