Considering LEEP? – Here Are 6 Key Tips On How To Prepare

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Sexual wellness is an integral element of overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, some health concerns, like cervical dysplasia or abnormal cells on your cervix, can affect sexual health and put you at greater risk of cervical cancer. In such cases, your doctor may suggest a loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) to remove the abnormal cells and reduce your cancer risk. A LEEP Atlanta procedure entails your doctor inserting a thin wire loop heated by an electrical current to eliminate the affected tissue. If you are considering this procedure, here are some tips on preparing for your treatment.

1. Discuss The Procedure With Your Specialist

Discussing the LEEP procedure with your provider beforehand allows you to ask any questions or express concerns that you might have. Your specialist will provide all the necessary information about what to expect with your treatment, including any possible risks or complications. Your provider will also inform you of specific guidelines for treatment preparation, like avoiding certain foods or medications. Understanding your treatment helps you feel more at ease and prepared, alleviating pre-treatment anxiety or stress.

2. Avoid Sexual Activity

Avoiding sexual activity before a LEEP is important to ensure that the cervix is not inflamed or irritated, which can render the treatment more difficult. Besides, sexual activity can introduce bacteria into your cervix, heightening the risk of infection. Typically, your doctor will advise you to abstain from any sexual activity for at least 24 hours before your procedure.

3. Schedule Your Procedure Accordingly

A LEEP procedure is generally not performed during menstrual bleeding as it could render it hard for your doctor to visualize your cervix and perform the treatment. Thus, specialists advise patients to schedule the treatment when they are not expecting their menses. Your doctor can offer a more personalized guideline on when to schedule your treatment based on your menses and other individual factors.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

It is crucial to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing on the day of your treatment to help reduce any irritation and discomfort you might feel. Restrictive undergarments or tight clothing could place pressure on the area, making the treatment uncomfortable. Besides, wearing comfortable clothing can help you feel more at ease and relaxed during treatment. Remember, you will also have to undress during your procedure, so wearing comfortable clothing can go a long way in providing a more pleasant treatment experience.

5. Arrange for Transportation

LEEP is generally performed under local anesthesia, which may result in temporary weakness or numbness in the legs. Therefore, you might not be able to drive right after your treatment. For enhanced safety and comfort, arrange for transportation to and from your treatment, either from a friend or family member. 

6. Prepare for Recovery

Preparing for recovery is another key aspect of preparing for your LEEP. After your treatment, it is common to experience spotting and mild cramping; thus, being ready for such symptoms is crucial. Your doctor will also provide specific aftercare guidelines like using pain relief medicines and avoiding intense physical activity for some time.

Preparing for a LEEP treatment is vital for ensuring a safe and successful therapy. By following the tips highlighted in this post, you can reduce the risk of possible risks and enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome. Besides, being well-prepared for your treatment erases any anxiety you might have. Luckily, LEEP is minimally invasive, so the risk of complications is significantly reduced. Talk to your doctor about your unique concerns for a professional diagnosis and determine if you are the right candidate for a LEEP.

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