Fake Tattoos – Are They for Posers?

Harmony Cardenas

In the past, fake tattoos were only for kids. However, that never stopped adults from wearing them back then. Unfortunately, they did it at the risk of being called “posers”. If you wore a custom designed temporary tattoo in the past, it sent out the message that you didn’t have the guts and tolerance for pain in order to have a real one made. This is the reason why a lot of people didn’t wear serious or custom designed temporary tattoos in the past even if they really wanted to do it.

It’s really just a common misconception that fake tattoos are only for kids. But there are a lot of valid reasons on why people might prefer temporary to permanent. Fashion is a good reason and this is why a lot of women wore them back then. This is quite evident in the available temporary tattoo designs. You can easily find patterns of roses, butterflies and the like.

Men had it bad. Men were called posers for wearing them. A poser is defined as a person who’s always pretending to be someone else. Tattoos were seen as skin art for tough guys. This is the reason why it’s very popular in prisons. It’s true that there are a lot of men who wore them in order to look tough. But how can anyone achieve that with designs of roses and butterflies? The limited selection for false tattoo designs never helped the cause of the fake tattoos.

Fortunately, some manufacturers saw this problem and felt that they had to do something about it. First, they realized that there’s a huge potential for them. However, this potential is being stopped in its tracks with the notion that they are for frauds or cowards. A lot of men and women are afraid to wear them because they didn’t want to be labeled as posers. It’s hard to blame them. But things are now changing as some manufacturers are doing things to take out the misconception.

The most important thing that you have to know is they’re not for posers. In fact, they’re widely used today for different causes and we have these visionary companies to thank for it. What they did was pretty straightforward. They acquired the equipment and skills necessary to produce great results with the help of great temporary tattoo designs. The resulting tattoos are so great that they’re not just for skin art anymore.

It’s not hard to see a stadium filled with 10,000 fans wearing fake tattoos. Now, are they posers? No, because they’re wearing them to show support for their team. A lot of schools and teams come up with designs that show the colors, names and mascots of their respective teams. They sell them in venues or even give them as giveaways to raise the team’s spirit. No one’s going to call you a poser for wearing one in these events. In fact, they’ll just see you as a good supporter of the team. In the end, it’s the team that will benefit greatly as they’re supported by fans with raised spirits, and possibly they’ll benefit from funds raised from the sale of the temporary skin art.

But you can even find people who want custom, unique designs to lend to their self-expression. They may not be looking to support a team, a cause, or a company, but they may have a message or an image they want to wear in the world. They may not want this image to be permanent. It may be for an occasion like a wedding or memorial service. It may be something they want to try out before getting a permanent tattoo done on their skin. It may be that their style constantly changes and they don’t want to tie themselves down to a permanent tattoo being shown. It may be that their job won’t allow visible tattoos, but they still want that face tattoo for weekends… The reasons for wearing temporary tattoos are vast, and can be highly personal.

Sure, there will be a few people who will not be convinced that sporting temporary tattoos is a valid form of self-expression. The “No guts, no glory” motto sometimes runs very deep. But deep inside, you know that you’re just supporting your team, your local charity, your best friend’s marriage, or your mood of the week, and those around you will understand. That’s the important thing.

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