Modern Tableware Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Harmony Cardenas

You may set your table only in some special occasions or keep your table beautifully shinning all the time. We are here to give you such amazing table decor ideas so that you can wow your guests. Set your dining table and other part of the house with vintage silver tableware.

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You can place your tableware other than just dining table. Place them on outdoor patio, kitchen counter and also on breakfast var. You can even set them on special meal and around the coffee table too.

We have some astonishing idea and tips that set your table nice and stylish. Hazorfim has the stunning creation and collections of beautiful tableware sets. Layering the combination of texture and accessories is the secret of eye catching table setting of Hazorfim.

Kiddush Plates

This Kiddush Plate is made beautifully by the expert silversmiths. The silversmiths are inspired by the various stylish decoration and culture to create stunning and high quality Kiddush plates. You will be interested to spend money on plates to create an elegant table set up. You can select from luxury to classic one to glorify your table decor.

Table Liners

Liners can set your table very much different from ordinary. And fortunately, there are tons of beautiful, stylish choices of table liners. Decor your table with various type of table liners of different color and patterns. You can add some holiday fun keeping holiday-themed liner box. It will add extra pleasure in your holiday leisure.


Maximize the beauty of your table setting by using the centerpiece. It will create a focal point on your table decoration. Keep the touch of creativeness on your table setting but always maintain the simplicity. Do not use too tall centerpiece or too big centerpiece.  It will crowd the table and will create problem to see people sitting on the other side of table.


Beautiful candelabras not only increase the interlocks of the home but also bring tranquility in the house. Use the candelabra as the centerpiece of your home adding some character to interior. They are designed in many styles impress the guests.


Table setting is not complete without the candles. If candles are set up perfectly, it can be a way of making bold table statement. So my recommendation to use plenty of candles on the dining table. The candles will radiate warm glow and make sparkle if perfectly placed near the shinning pots.

It is better and recommended to get unscented candles to your dining table. If you use the scented candles, it will clash with the aroma of food. If candle is not preferable to you, use the strings of light and battery operated candles on your dinner table.

The table setting ideas are suggested above is not even exclusive for the dining table. You are capable of setting the kitchen counter or coffee table too for the special occasions.

Applying the idea of our table setting, you can make your next dinner party memorable.

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