New shows in Phoenix, Mesa

Harmony Cardenas

Cars and trucks as artwork? 

Trends in metro Phoenix say sure. 

Two exhibitions — “Laloland” at Mesa Arts Center and “Desert Rider” at Phoenix Art Museum — highlight lowrider lifestyle, a distinctively American artwork variety. 

“Desert Rider” runs through Sept. 18 and characteristics artwork by extra than 12 Latin and Indigenous artists from Arizona and the Southwest. “Laloland,” which blends lowrider society with Chicano artwork, is open up through Aug. 7 and functions of the perform of Phoenix muralist and artist Lalo Cota.

Lowrider culture originated in Southern California, Texas and the Southwest soon after World War II. It was an expression of art, family and religion in just Chicano and Latin American cultures, in accordance to the Nationwide Museum of African American Record and Society. Lowrider cars — then and now — are transformed and refurbished creative statements. 

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