Sedona Jazz on the Rocks

Imagine a formation of uniquely shaped red rocks positioned on a plateau with the river dashing by and you have just located paradise. Sedona puts its very best foot forward in September when they welcome you to the Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Pageant. 2009’s dates are September 22nd through […]

Understanding the Basics of Dental Health

Dive into the world of dental health with me, where a radiant smile is not just an aesthetic charm but a measure of your overall wellness. Together we’ll tackle the basics, from the importance of those regular check-ups to the crucial role of a general dentist. But our journey doesn’t […]

Why Would You Not Be A Candidate for Plastic Surgery?


Getting plastic surgery done can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Perhaps you are considering a breast reduction or rectus diastasis correction to alleviate physical discomfort. Maybe you are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, like breast implants or liposuction, to help you achieve your desired body shape. Although many […]

Hidden N’s in Thomas Kinkade Paintings

Harmony Cardenas

Thomas Kinkade is very well know for his cabin and seashore paintings. He puts out calendars and many other artistic items such as key holders or postcards. However, what most people do not know is that he puts hidden “N”‘s into his paintings. If you have ever looked at a […]

Painting With Gouache

Harmony Cardenas

Several people have accessed my web site over the last few years as a result of doing web searches on painting in gouache (pronounced “gwosh”, or “goo-wash”), probably lead there by the numerous gouache paintings listed on the site. There is some conflicting information published on this topic. Consequently, this […]

Chinese Ci Shen and Paiwan Tattoos

Harmony Cardenas

Chinese term for tattooing is Ci Shen or Wen Shen, which literally implies “to puncture/pattern the body”. The art itself has been identified in China considering the fact that the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. -220 A.D.), but has been deemed “barbaric” during the ages. In truth, it is only unjust […]

Sleeve Gastrectomy in Thousand Oaks: A Detailed Insight


Obesity is a major public health issue in Thousand Oaks, California. Bariatric surgery can be a game changer for people who struggle with extreme obesity and have tried typical weight management treatments without success. One of the most well-liked and successful weight loss procedures is thousand oaks sleeve gastrectomy. We […]