Review of Krishna – The Man and His Philosophy

Harmony Cardenas

‘Krishna- The Man and His Philosophy’, is the most excellent collection of discourses by Bhagwan Rajneesh and is a treasure to preserve forever. Bhagwan Rajneesh just could not suppress his authority in spiritual deliverance, philosophical verve, scientific application, economic indulgence and political familiarity in this work.

Osho Rajneesh existed much a head of his time, and the thoughts and teachings of shri Rajneesh through this work are beyond so-called time limits. Osho adorably elucidates any spiritual or materialistic doubts posed by his followers through a single great personality i.e., to be precise, Krishna. Osho also allots respectable cameos to Mahavira, Buddha, Rama , Jesus Christ and other greats in his discourses since there are also instances of some necessitated comparisons among these great souls.

Krishna being scrutinized by Rajneesh to enlighten the spiritual seekers’ through His birth, religion, celebration of work, dance, discipline, devotion, nudity and the cosmic secrecy behind His flute. These boldest realities of life have been openly debated in that conservative age and it stands as a testimony to the quality of following Baghwan had.

There are many flawless discussions on the complex concepts of action, atheism, being true self, attachment, rituals and asceticism. These concepts are clarified through simple stories. Osho impresses more, when he points out that asceticism is neither self denial nor denial of life in this world, but total acceptance of self and celebration of life in this world. If the reader could see the ‘conceptual Krishna’ through the vision of Bhagwan, then it will never be difficult to celebrate the life.

This book is certainly a medicine for mind and soul and is capable of bringing about an influential transformation in the readers mind.

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