Rib Cage Tattoos Design Ideas For Men and Women – What’s Hot, What’s Not

Are you looking to get tattoos on your rib cages because you don’t have anymore space on your body for one more sexy tattoo? Well…haha…if so then you’re kinda crazy about tattoos aren’t you? For those people who just want a rib cage tattoo because you think it’s cool, attractive, sexy and popular than you’re not alone. Rib cage tattoos have become really popular nowadays. These are some ideas for rib cage tattoos that I’ve seen many people have.

Tribal tattoos sexy because of its cool, artistic and mystic nature of the art. These tattoos look great on both men and women if well designed. Tribal tattoos are very diverse in designs in which almost anything can be made tribal: dragon tattoos, tribal sun tattoos, flower tattoos, lion tattoos, skull tattoos…

Flower tattoos are really sexy on women because flowers are soft, delicate, beautiful and smell good. I’ve seen many men have flower tattoos and also look really cool on them, but you need to choose the right designs. For example, cherry blossom would be really cute on girls while for guys red rose designs with skull maybe more cool.

Dragon tattoo is a good pick for side body tattoos because you can have big Chinese dragon tattoos with other designs around and still have enough space. If I’m going to get a dragon tattoo on my rib cage, I want a picture of a couragous warrior fighting with a fire dragon in the sky; that’s just me.

Star tattoo designs are also sexy on the rib. You can get some shooting star tattoos combine with swallow tattoo designs which I think make a good combination on many friends of mine. Nautical star tattoos are more masculine which is best fit for men tattoos. You can combine them with some tribal sun tattoos for better looking effects.

Lettering tattoo are one of the most popular tattoos for rib cage area. Many famous celebrities have script rib cage tattoos like Megan Fox, David Beckham, Rihanna (with the misspelled Sanskrit tattoo)…. Many favorite scripts people like are Latin, Arabic, old English scripts, Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, or Graffiti tattoos.

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