The Art, Science, and Philosophy of Autofellatio

Harmony Cardenas

Autofellatio is the term given to the act of a man performing fellatio (oral sex) on himself. As with any field of study, there exists an artistic, scientific, and philosophic meaning to its culture. Let’s explore what auto fellatio is based on.

The Art:

This portion of autofellatio simply has to do with the man and his creative instincts during the autofellating process. It can be through utilizing unique and non-conventional methods of positions, creative interplay with or without others to enhance the experience, utilizing external devices for extra stimulatory control, and interesting and dynamic ways in which to perform the actual fellating portion of the act.

Man’s creative instincts rarely get more creative than when the world of sexuality is explored. The amount of fetishes and ways to stimulate and explore sexuality are infinite to mankind. This makes us much different than any other animals in the world, as we have taken our sexual creativity to the thresholds of the impossible. This is something other animals do not explore to the extremes that humans do. With autofellatio, a man and his penis, and his ability to stimulate his penis, have no limits or boundaries in their pursuit of pleasure, the amount of teasing that can be addressed, or any restrictions to the intensity of the experience. The unfolding and exploration of one’s own sexual potential allows the autofellationist the opportunity to transform the act into an art form.

The Science:

Science in autofellating is based on the knowledge of the human frame and what it takes to encourage it to allow the autofellationist to perform this act. Understanding the biomechanics of the spine is necessary, as well as understanding how the atlanto-occipital, lumbro-sacral, sacro-iliac, and femur-acetabular joints also function. Science can be applied to help men increase mobility and flexibility. Understanding the kinesiological methodology of the body is an important and nearly essential factor in being able to fellate one’s self.

Scientific interest also crosses over into a man’s sexual mechanics, too. Understanding the mechanism of arousal, stimulation, and climax of a man’s reproductive system is also invaluable information that can help men get the most out of their self-fellating experience. Science can also help men understand how sexual impulses and pleasures can be further amplified.

The Philosohpy:

If one cannot respect the act of autofellating, how can one respect themselves for doing it?

Being able to perform auto-fellatio is something that takes desire, physical and mental self-discipline, and respect. Through a man’s education of the art and science of self-fellating, and with no existing authoritative guidelines, one is left with creating their own philosophy. This is up to each individual man, as no set doctrine exist. With anything else, when respect is acknowledged for the act, this makes it a more satisfying and rewarding experience, purely from engaging in something that is:

1) Not readily practised by the average person.

2) A “new” form of experience that truly deserves further exploration and research.

3) Built on requirements that force the individual to acquire the knowledge and physical ability to actually autofellate.

4) Performed by only the individual engaged in the process. All experiences, feelings, and outcomes are due to the autofellationist and no one else.

This respect fosters admiration for one’s ability to perform auto-fellatio. This respect also helps remove the autofellating act from the realm of adult entertainment films, sexual curiosities, and sexual gimmickry into something that demands a more serious and mature consideration.

Auto-fellating allows men to embark on something that is unique, expressive, and nearly boundless. What’s especially great about this is that it occurs on one of our most primal levels – the sexual level. By understanding that the autofellationist is exploring something much more than “some pervert sucking his own penis” we can help to learn to explore it and to appreciate it ourselves.

Kimi Kalfino

Men and women who are interested in learning what it takes to learn auto-fellatio are welcome to read an interesting book on the subject, YOGAFELLATIO.

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