The Importance of Eye-catching Visuals & Strong Messaging in Branded Marketing

Harmony Cardenas

Capturing the attention of the general public and persuading them to show interest in a brand or product is no easy task. We’re bombarded with marketing images continually every day. Whether it’s from the product placement within movies or TV, magazines or online advertising, it’s endless. A brand and its message can easily get lost in the noise.

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Let’s look at how a brand can thrive through their adverting in an ad congested world.

Videos with Passion

Videos that have energy and passion are easy to see. They grab you and don’t let go. It’s almost impossible to tear your eyes away when video content makes an impact. It could be the combination of seeing perfect beaches combined with drone aerial shots produced by a production house Thailand based or something closer to home that’s gritty, urban and real.

When videos get to the heart of the matter, an audience responds. The drive and passion of the team behind the content shines through too. They capture the important moments rather than miss them. Their insights ensure the visuals evoke emotion with their intended audience who want to be on that beach or drink that ice-cold beer.

Linking Something New with Something Familiar

What does a brand do when their product is decades old and virtually everyone is familiar with it? This was the challenge that venerable company Coca-Cola faced. Their response?

The ‘Share a Coke’ ad campaign become a hit with viewers. Their adverts displayed family and friends sharing a bottle of Coke together rather than drinking it alone. The marketing message was clear – Coke tastes better when you share it. It’s a message that appealed to a society that is increasingly buried in their smartphones with a subconscious longing to reconnect on a basic level.

Coca-Cola continues to refine their advertisements each year with their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign now stretching into its fifth year. To keep things interesting, they have added different packages, new flavors and more ways to share, but the message remains true to its origins.

The Power of Storytelling

Just about everyone loves a good story. Smart marketing agencies know that creating simple messages and characters that resonate nationally (or globally) and then extending their shelf life works wonders for a brand.

Content and consistent marketing messages can extend across billboard posters, online adverts and Instagram imagery or stories to name just a few. Advertising is all about helping consumers associate positive feelings towards a product and/or brand – drink that Starbucks coffee and feel great or drive that Mercedes to look more attractive. However, getting consumers to remember your brand after seeing one ad won’t work.

Consumers require multiple touchpoints to remember it. Better yet, use the power of story and visuals to create a series of adverts that they enjoy consuming or even look forward to the next in the series. It’s much easier to get consumer buy-in for a brand or product that way.

For anyone interested in the audio/visual medium, there’s never been a greater challenge to gain the attention of consumers.

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