Tips And Tricks for Capturing the Ultimate Aesthetic Videos With vivo X80

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We spent a lot of our childhood watching movies and short videos, and at some point, we all wanted to make a professional film of our own. For most, it still remains a dream, but even if we have amazing ideas and filmmaking skills, we are limited by our lack of access to professional equipment and technology. We used to think the same way about photography a few decades ago, when capturing moments and portraits was limited to special occasions or a visit to a professional studio. However, nowadays, everyone has a professional camera in their pocket. Thanks to leading technology companies, such as vivo, that have invested heavily in R&D and have made some of the finest camera technology available to consumers of Pakistan.

Tips And Tricks for Capturing the Ultimate Aesthetic Videos With vivo X80

The vivo X80, the company’s latest offering and addition to the renowned X series, has blown everyone’s minds. Professional filmmakers are in wonder, and countries’ leading tech experts are still hopelessly trying to discover one limitation and doing multiple feature tests, but vivo has introduced the ultimate smartphone that is firmly competing with professional DSLR cameras out there. The X80 was co-engineered with ZEISS, a leading lens manufacturer and pioneer in optics, and offers professional camera features including ZEISS T* Coating, V1+ Chipset, ZEISS Professional Video, ZEISS Professional Imaging, Super Night Portrait, Night sports mode, and a long list of other features. And we’ll show you how to use these features to create a professional-looking cinematic video with the new vivo X80:

ZEISS T* Coating

The ZEISS T* Coating is an incredible technology that vivo initially launched in their previous X series smartphone, and it helps users avoid undesired flares and achieve top-notch image quality. Reflectivity, stray light, and ghosting have long been significant issues with smartphone cameras. The ZEISS T* Coating, on the other hand, removes all such limitations and further aids in the improvement of image quality by increasing visible light transfer rates and precisely restoring colours.

Pro Tip – You can effortlessly capture those special moments like a sunrise or sunset on a beach, a romantic candlelight supper, the final few seconds of a late-night cricket match, and much more with the ZEISS T* Coating. The majority of these scenes include distracting harsh lights that flicker and flare constantly, but with X80, you can capture these moments as realistically as possible.

ZEISS Professional Video

ZEISS Professional Video provides the performance required to capture a shot in its most natural state. The AI Video Enhancement identifies scene changes automatically and provides seamless transitions. The smart algorithm analyses the background in real time and assists you in capturing the most brilliant shot possible, with the best balance of brightness and contrast, so you don’t miss a single moment.

Pro Tip – Most of the shoots including a constant location change, sometimes within the same shot, to avoid any lighting or exposure issues, use the various innovative modes, like Professional Video Mode, Sport Mode, Night Sport Mode, provided with ZEISS Professional Video to capture every moment perfectly.

Super Night Portrait

You can take clear images even in low light with bokeh that blends in seamlessly with the background thanks to the Super Night Portrait feature. The AI Skin Retouching Algorithm and AI HD Algorithm give you a spectacular studio-quality edge while keeping your skin’s natural look and depth.

Pro Tip – Use the Super Night Portrait to magically generate an exposure frame that looks realistic and doesn’t bring out any ISO grains in the imaging while shooting under moonlight or inside with restricted light sources.

360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization

The Active Centering OIS System in the vivo X80 maximises each frame’s stabilisation range, resulting in smooth, clear video. 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization intelligently uses the AI algorithm to lock the subject and perform its magic, even during shots involving heavy camera and subject motions, resulting in super clear, ultra-stable and cinematic footage.

Pro Tip – To give your videos a more professional feel, try duplicating camera movements used by professional filmmakers, such as Dolly Zoom, Pan, roll in, and Tracking shot. Without any additional gear or equipment, the in-built stabilising tools are sufficient to give a cinematic shot.

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