Ways to Find Good Cello Teachers

Harmony Cardenas

In Singapore, the more popular music instruments which both adults and children learn include the violin and guitar. The cello, in comparison, is less popular. This could be due to the fact that there are less cello teachers in Singapore who are experienced and qualified to teach the cello. So if you would like to take cello lessons in Singapore, what are the ways to find a good cello teacher in Singapore?

Before I give you some pointers to find a good cello teacher in Singapore, let us examine why the cello is less popular as an instrument compared to the violin or the guitar. They are after all string instruments. Based on my observations, one reason could be that the cello is more bulky and hence difficult to transport around compared to smaller instruments like the violin and the guitar. You may find that having to lug a cello to and from your cello lesson in Singapore is too troublesome. However, this should not be an issue to you if you invest in a carbon fibre lightweight BAM cello case with wheels for easy movement. The other reason that cello is less popular as an instrument is that one simply cannot find a good cello teacher in Singapore. So before you can find quality cello lessons in Singapore, you will need to find a good cello teacher. I will now give you some idea on how to do this.

Firstly, Singapore is a very connected city. Services are easily available in your locality, whether it be in the north (such as areas including Sengkang and Hougang), south (including areas such as Lavender), east (Katong area) or west (Jurong). As such the first way you can find a cello teacher in Singapore is through one of the string ensemble or orchestra based in Singapore. Try the NTU String Orchestra, ask the musicians there if they know of any good cello teacher in Singapore. Or alternatively you can check in with the Singapore polytechnic string ensemble.

You may find that these two sources may not be able to put you in touch with a good cello teacher in Singapore. As such the second way for you to find a good cello teacher in Singapore is to approach a music school in Singapore. Look for one that is established and have a reasonable student enrollment. Typically if a Singapore music school has been operating for more than two years, it should be established. The reason is simply businesses typically are challenged within the first two years of operation. If they can sustain beyond that, they should be able to continue operating. You will be safe to look go for cello lessons in a music school that has withstand the test of time.

Thirdly, find out how many music teachers the Singapore music school has. A well managed music school in Singapore typically will have more than twenty teachers specializing across a broad range of music instruments. This includes violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele, saxophone, flute and keyboard. By offering a wide range of music instrument lessons, the music school will be able to attract more students into the school.

Fourthly, meet up with the principal of the Singapore music school you have identified. Check out how big the music school is, and if all the teaching studios are full during peak hours. The peak hours of a Singapore music school is typically on the weekends and weekday evenings. If the music studios are full, this shows that the music school has a solid syllabus for each of the music instruments offered, and that the music teachers in the school are of a high standard.

Fifthly, have a chat with the cello teacher in the Singapore music school. Find out how many years the Singapore cello teacher has been teaching, how many students he teachers, and how many years his students learn under him. Typically if a cello teacher has a big number of students who have continued to take cello lessons from him for years, this signals that the cello teacher in Singapore has the correct teaching methodology.

Well, I hope you now have some ideas as to how to look for a good cello teacher in Singapore. Good luck in your search!

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