We Test the New Michael Harding Watercolours

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The new line of Michael Harding watercolours is more than 20 decades in the building and it is eventually here. I had the opportunity to test 24 colours out of the 136-colour assortment to obtain out what these new paints have to offer. Here are my first impressions.


Michael Harding Watercolours – The Colour Range

With 136 unique shades, this new line is larger than the oil assortment which figures all around 100 colors. There are some common colors from the oil range– for example Italian Eco-friendly Umber, a attractive and characteristic environmentally friendly earth from the oil array, is also accessible as a watercolour (albeit built with unique pigments). There is also a legitimate Lapis Lazuli in the watercolour line, which is a person of the most unique colours in the oil vary. Nevertheless, there are lots of new watercolours that are exceptional to the variety and I’m absolutely sure oil painters will be questioning if some of them will come to be accessible as an oil paint!



The Regularity of Michael Harding Watercolours

All makes of tubed watercolours fluctuate in regularity and watercolourists have their individual preferences. Some paints are extensive and sticky, while other individuals are shorter in consistency. The Michael Harding Watercolours drop someplace in between– they are not as sticky as, say, Sennelier Watercolours, but they are stickier than Schmincke Horadam. With a few tubes I located that as soon as I unscrewed the cap the colour commenced to spill out even just before I squeezed it. Simply because of this, I necessary to wipe the tube immediately after dispensing the paint in purchase to keep away from the concern of paint drying on the thread. This isn’t essentially a challenge and it’s some thing I’m satisfied to do if it means I steer clear of losing paint, but it’s not something I have to have to do for all other makes. This didn’t diminish my satisfaction of the paints, but it is certainly well worth mentioning to artists who are looking at them.


When the tube is full, the tube should be opened with care

Watercolour paint spilling out of the tube.


The Re-wetting Ability of Michael Harding Watercolours

No matter whether it is filling vacant pans to just take on a painting excursion, or coming again to a palette soon after a pair of times out of the studio, I uncover it critical that watercolours can be reactivated simply with a brush and h2o just after they have dried. The Michael Harding Watercolours behaved excellently in this regard, and I discovered them conveniently responsive following a weekend drying in a palette.


Rewetting Cerulean Blue (PB36) in the palette.


Some Color Highlights from Michael Harding Watercolours

In this article are a couple of colors I experimented with that I feel are genuinely fantastic:

Raw Sienna Darkish

Michael Harding Raw Sienna Dark watercolour

Raw Sienna Darkish painted out. Rising the sum of h2o in the clean raises its granular influence.


This brown earth has grit and character. It granulates superbly and is deeper-bellied than typical Raw Siennas. I truly liked mixing this with many blues to get a variety of all-natural greens– it is a attractive color for a landscape painter and I will unquestionably be incorporating it to my palette.


Colour mixtures with Raw Sienna Dark

Colour mixtures with Uncooked Sienna Dim.


Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli watercolour

Lapis Lazuli


I had significant expectations for this colour due to the fact the Michael Harding Lapis Lazuli oil paint is so beautiful. Some Lapis Lazuli watercolours are a pale blue-gray which can be a bit disappointing when you’re anticipating the warm and vivid shade that we come across in the paintings of the Old Masters. I’m extremely satisfied to say I wasn’t disappointed by this Lapis Lazuli. The expense of this pigment usually means that you may perhaps not want to use it for color mixing– artificial Ultramarine Blue is superior for this because its much better in tinting strength, but Lapis Lazuli is a superbly tender and evocative shade that can make a really exclusive addition to a palette.



Titanium Buff

michael harding titanium buff

A velvety wash of Titanium Buff.


Titanium Buff is a variation of Titanium White which is adulterated with a compact sum of iron oxide, developing a soft, opaque color that can range in between a sandy-beige and a warm grey. Michael Harding’s iteration is a stunning case in point. It is incredibly granulating, so it adds texture to non-granulating colors. It is really beneficial for reducing the chroma of colors in a way that seems far more pure than mixing with white. Try out combining it with a vibrant yellow to make a in close proximity to-green that would be terrific for picking out highlights in foliage. With Ultramarine Blue it makes a tender, bluish grey.

Titanium Buff mixes

Mixtures with Titanium Buff.


Van Dyke Brown

van dyke brown watercolour

Van Dyke Brown


I was truly hoping that this color would be incorporated between the Michael Harding watercolours, as his Van Dyke Brown oil paint is a single of my favourite colours. Van Dyke Brown is a historic pigment named right after the artist Anthony van Dyck. In masstone it is black, but it dilutes out to a a little green-toned brown. What is outstanding about Michael Harding’s variation is that it utilizes solitary earth pigment PBr8, as opposed to most ranges which use a mixture of iron oxide and black. This solitary pigment variation is substantially far better for colour mixing, and I loved the assortment of glowing olive greens it designed in mixtures with lemon yellow.


Van dyke mixtures

Mixtures with Van Dyke Brown


Although I only tried using a modest slice of a pretty large vary, each and every colour I utilized was a joy to paint with and it appears to be that the prolonged hold out for these watercolours was value it. With extra than 30 several years encounter in the oil paint market, Michael Harding has proved himself to be a dependable colourman with an extensive knowledge of pigments and how to convey out their certain features. It’s fantastic to see that his shift into watercolour claims to give the same to watercolourists.



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Evie Hatch

Evie’s passions lie in the heritage and properties of artist colors and materials. This analysis plays a massive part in her art apply she loves investigating common methods and tends to make her personal watercolour and oil paints. Evie graduated in 2016 from Camberwell Higher education of Art with a diploma in Drawing. She is at present researching Art Background at the Courtauld Institute, London.

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