What Are Winners, And Losers?

Harmony Cardenas

My boss at Muticon (Constructions) gave me the following to read. It is a short but extraordinary summation what a winner and loser is in life.

The WINNER always comes up with a SOLUTION.
The LOSER always comes up with a PROBLEM.
The WINNER has a PLAN.
The LOSER has an EXCUSE.
The WINNER says, “I’LL DO IT”.
The WINNER finds a solution to the problem.
The LOSER finds a problem with the solution.
The LOSER says “IT’S Difficult”.

I wrote the following about the above in return:

There are other qualities to this loser. What are they and how can you know them?
The Winner is the doer, while the Loser is a stopper.

The Winner is the person creating while the Loser is the person destroying.
What is the real difference between these two people?

The winner wants to succeed, wants life to succeed. He is trying to win for himself, his family and his friends and groups that he belongs to. The winner has an urge for all to succeed.

The loser on the other hand is trying to stop, to destroy, to take the life out of those he or she opposes. The loser has an urge for others and self to succumb. Each time the loser attempts to stop another’s ideas or solution, he is trying to drive that person into losing, stopping, and succumbing.

Why does a loser do this? It is because he has a fanciful idea that the person he is trying to make succumb would turn on the loser should that winner succeed.

So when you see someone stopping another’s impulse to win; impulse to expand, drive himself or his organisation upwards, know who these losers are and what they are trying to do. Here is the marriage breaker, the group destroyer. Society is littered with broken individuals, broken marriages and broken businesses. Even nations can be broken. There is no rule that such people cannot rise to heights of power. Look at Hitler, to name just one, and the broken countries he left behind.

Around such a loser people can and will get upset. It looks like the upset person is the dangerous one. But in reality it is the loser, stopper, destroyer who drove the person to be upset who needs to be singled out from the rest of the group. For a group to survive and survive well it needs to be rid of all losers, stoppers and destroyers.

Such losers are also behind instigating whispering campaigns. They speak to people about others in derogatory tones, innuendos that are meant to degrade their target. But they lack courage. And because they lack courage they will speak of their target in bad ways to others, even in clandestine after-hours meetings, to get others more powerful than they are to stop their target.

The natural impulse is to win, to do, and to create. We are born with this impulse and have it through childhood. But a person who is overwhelmed by stoppers, destroyers and losers will become one. And that is what the loser is trying to do, make you like them. The loser wants to bring out in you the same impulse to stop, destroy and lose.

The loser could likely even want you dead, but social restrictions render him incapable of doing so. Momentary crimes of passion can often have a loser, stopper and destroyer somewhere in the background. Suicide is often – but not always – indicative of a person with a loser/stopper/destroyer active around the victim.

The winner and loser phenomena are actually representing a person on a scale of life. At one end of the scale we have the winner. The person has won, is doing or creating. At the other end we have the loser, and he has lost, been destroyed, and succumbed.

Every person is on this scale. No one can avoid it. The stopper at least still has enough ability to stop another, to destroy another. He or she has not totally succumbed themselves yet. But each person he stops and destroys drags him further down the chute to eventually having lost himself.

So what can a winner do when he meets a loser? He can steer clear of the loser and remove the loser from the winner’s environment. And he can surround himself with other winners.

What can a person do who finds himself occasionally slipping down the scale of losing, of stopping, of destroying? Know that you have other losers around you. Bring yourself up the scale by removing them from your environment, or simply by deciding you are not going to slip down again.

So when you see something taking longer than usual, things are often overdue, have a look around you and see if you can spot the loser, stopper, destroyer.

I hope this helps another who reads this.

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