Writing-World’s Guide To Paying Markets For Fiction and Poetry – Book Review

Harmony Cardenas

Writing-World.com’s Guide to Paying Markets for Fiction and Poetry by Moira Allen, is more than just a book of data for writer’s submissions. The author includes only paying markets of periodicals (E-zines, magazines and a few newspapers). The author created a highly valuable section entitled “About this Guide”, that explains what each section of details listed under the publications means. She even goes as far as describing the various rights that are often required by periodicals. I learned within the first 17 pages that I had been addressing envelopes incorrectly for international shipping by placing the country in mostly small caps beside the state or province. And what a surprise that was for me – I had no idea there was a protocol for shipping out-of-country! This important chapter also discusses common issues and problems with email and online submissions. Moira’s discussion on literary magazines was also very informative and interesting.

Listing markets for short stories, poetry, fiction, fantasy, horror, Christian, adult and many other genres from romance to mystery – this book is sure to help authors market their books and freelance writers sell their articles. Author Moira Allen, goes a step farther and sub-groups markets into smaller categories, such as Children/Christian and Flash Fiction, to make the selection easier for writers.

Reference books like these tend to be dry and boring to read, but Moira’s book is written personably – which is difficult to do when listing data. Each listing has numerous helpful tips and information including what kind of material the publication accepts submission for, what the publication’s pay rate starts at, what rights are requested and contact information (including emails and website URLs).

This book has definitely found a spot on my writer’s reference shelf in my office!

Publisher: Writing-World.com
Available at: http://www.writing-world.com/bookstore/index.shtml

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