ArtCatto Gallery – my daily art display

Often when you visit small galleries which are staging a joint exhibition of paintings done by a small number of artists, you like some and are disappointed with others.  I was in Portugal last week and my visit coincided with an opening of a joint exhibition at a local gallery […]

ROYAL FLUSH Continues at Van Der Plas Gallery Showroom on the LES

Harmony Cardenas

On see concurrently with LeCrue Eyebrows’ solo display at Van Der Plas Gallery is ROYAL FLUSH, a team exhibition featuring delightfully intriguing artworks by ten remarkably inventive artists. The large mixed-media artwork highlighted previously mentioned, Numb, was fashioned by Clown Soldier, whose now-legendary signature character I very first encountered on NYC streets more […]

Seeds of the Mind on view at BobCat Gallery

Harmony Cardenas

BobCat Gallery hosts the exhibition ‘Seeds of the Mind’ for the month of June 2022. A metaphor sometimes used to describe our dreams is that they are ‘seeds of the mind’, and so this exhibition collects together pieces which link to our inner worlds and the landscapes of our imaginations, […]